Edinburgh Padel Winter Box Leagues

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Enter a padel pair in our Game4Padel Winter Box Leagues and compete against players of a similar level. Will your team get promoted?!

To enter please click here.

Entry fee

  • Non members = £20
  • Game4Padel members = £10. To join please go to
  • The entry fee does not include the court booking cost. When booking a court to play a match, the cost should be shared by all 4 players involved.

How to enter?

  • Enter a pair in our Open League (couples in the Open league can be men only, mixed or women only) or enter a pair in our Ladies League (women only)
  • Age restriction is 15+.
  • Enter your details after checkout.
  • You will be asked your level of play. For a better understanding of padel rating in the UK please click here.

Rules and format

  • Matches can be played at both Game4Padel Edinburgh venues (Thistle Padel and Barnton Park LTC).
  • The pair appearing as the "home" team on the matches schedule is responsible for organising the match.
  • Pairs will be put in different divisions of different level.
  • Each round will have to be completed by a date set by the referee at the start of the competition.
  • All matches have to be completed between Saturday 18th January and Friday 3rd April.
  • At the end of this period the top 2 of each group will be promoted and the bottom 2 relegated for the Spring Box Leagues starting on the 20th April.

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