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Group Booking

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Game4Padel members can now book a court from only £2 per person per hour and add non members as "guest" in their booking from £4/hour. 

How does it work?

  1. Log in to to access your member's court booking discount.
  2. Pick a court, a date and a time for your game. 
  3. Click "Add participant" to add guests (non member) to your booking.
  4. An extra £2  per guest will be added to the total cost of your booking.
  5. When sharing the court cost after a game, each guest should pay £2 more than Game4Padel members.

This explanatory video will help you understand each step of the booking process.

Why this new feature?

We think this new feature will encourage players to join and therefore grow our padel community and our pool of players.