Household and Singles ladder

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Make your return to padel even more fun by entering our household (doubles) and/or singles ladder for free! Challenge players above you and overtake them to reach the top of the ladder!


  • Free entry! Submit your entry here.
  • Matches can be played at Barnton Park LTC and Thistle Padel Club
  • Court hourly rates are currently 50% off and cost should be shared equally between players. Court rates will go back to normal when doubles restrictions are lifted.
  • Household pairs can be 2 adults or 1 adult, 1 junior (12+)
  • If you or your partner need a padel racket, you can rent or purchase one on our club shop.



  • Both ladders will start on Tuesday 9th June
  • Entries will be accepted until Friday 12th June
  • The Household ladder will end on 12th July
  • Singles ladder will end when the Scottish Government allows for "normal doubles" to be played again.

How it works

  • Players contacts and ladder ranking will be displayed on a shared spreadsheet.
  • Players must organise with other players to play matches in their own time and challenge each other in order to move up the ladder.
  • Players can challenge a maximum of 2 plaves above them.
  • Players should not refuse a challenge from a player below. If players continue to refuse challenges or are unable to play matches they will be moved down 4 places.

Submit your results

At the end

  • The winner is the person/pair at the top of the ladder on the finish date.
  • Prizes: 2 tubes of Adidas Padel balls

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