Want to play padel?

Game4Padel offers you the chance to meet and compete with other players via tournaments, leagues, box leagues, social events or simply by providing you the opportunity to join the Game4Padel community and arrange your own games with players of similar level! Click on the tabs above for more information.


How to arrange a game?

To arrange a game of padel with players of similar level at your closest Game4Padel venue, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Join your local Game4Padel - Find a game! WhatsApp group. Find the direct link to the groups below. 
  2. Open a game by messaging the date,time, location and level of the game (check your padel rating here).
  3. Close the game when 4 players have confirmed.
  4. Book a court at a Game4Padel venue near you!
Region Venues Link
Edinburgh Barnton Park LTC, Thistle Padel https://chat.whatsapp.com/BlnyWlhTcYIHHME3LLXb03






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